You know that you need to have a flat iron as part of your daily routine. They are almost as essential as your cell phone, if not more so! We are judged everyday on how we look, and whether that is wrong or right, it is a fact of life. Choosing the best flat iron for your hair can be a chore, as there are so many brands and variations. One of our favorites is the Chi flat irons. If you purchase one of these flat irons, you are going to save a lot of time and money from having to go to the salon. These are versatile little units that will help you curl, straighten, and add an overall personality to your hair.

Farouk Chi Flat Iron Reviews For Frizz Free Hair

The Chi flat irons have become some of the most popular flat irons available online and in retail stores. After reading up on the Chi flat irons I found thousands of positive reviews from happy users online.

Chi Farouk flat irons have become known as the all in one unit, which is perfect for those smaller bathrooms. Have you ever had to deal with four tools with very limited space? If you have you will love how these units are able to curl, flip, and straighten your hair. In addition they heat up very quickly, and feature an impressive swivel cord. Most of all you are going to love the shiny hair you will receive for this impressive tool.

While there are several various Chi flat irons to choose from, we have narrowed down two of our favorites and featured them below.

Chi by Farouk Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

CHI Ceramic Hairstyling IronIf you hate to lose time while your flat iron warms up you will love this 1 inch flat iron. I can not describe to you just how fast this unit heats up! Other than heating up at lightening speed, this unit will give you frizz free, healthy hair that you will be proud of. The flat iron does come with a one year warranty, so you have an added level of protection.

One of the features we do not like with this Chi is its inability to adjust temperature. No one temperature is good for every user, and I wish these manufacturers would recognize that! The plates also have a tendency to snag hair. That tends to come with inexperience of the unit. If you find your hair getting snagged and pulled, just slow it down a little bit.

Farouk Chi Turbo Ceramic Flat Iron

Farouk CHI Turbo Ceramic Flat IronI don’t know about you, but I am drawn to any type of beauty product that is labeled “turbo”. I don’t like to wait for anything and that includes my hair. I can now see why I was so drawn to this unit, it is incredible! It features the adjustable temperature control that is so important! Unlike the 1 inch above, you can vary the temperature between 176 degrees and 356 degrees! You can control this unit so much better to suit your individual needs. This is also one of the most efficient units on the market and can tackle the kinkiest and most unmanageable hair.

One of the big pluses about the Chi Turbo is the ability to preserve your hair to its fullest extent. No more loss of color or shine. And you can say good bye to humidity destroying your hair once and for all!

Have you been a faithful user of the Chi Farouk brand? Let us know what your favorite flat iron has been in the comments below.