There are many reasons HAI hair care tools are such popular sellers. In addition to being made with the highest quality, HAI’s hair tools have set the industry standard for ceramic flat irons and those products that make use of tourmaline and negative ion technology. HAI is the original ceramic flat iron.

While these hair tools were designed with the professional salon in mind, they have become a fast favorite among at-home hair styling enthusiasts everywhere. Here are their top reviewed model flat irons at-a-glance, so you can choose the one that is best for you.

The Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron

hai-convertable-ceramic-flat-ironThis flat iron is the one that set all the rules. The tourmaline and nano-ceramic technology ensures consistent, gentle heat that penetrates the hair while locking in moisture. EMFs are low and the far-infrared rays used in the heat process are safe.

Users love the lasting quality of HAI’s ceramic flat iron, plus it never pulls on hair. It always leaves hair perfectly straight. This is one of the very top-rated flat irons HAI produces by user standards, not just the manufacturer’s.

Some users have felt that if the product lasted less than a few years they should try another product. Once done, they always return to HAI because of the uncompromisable quality of HAI’s product. Users know it is a mistake to switch to anything else. If you are new to flat irons, this is a wise product to invest in because of its trusted reputation.

The convertible flat iron comes in one-inch and one-quarter inch barrel sizes. What makes it convertible is the size. Use it to straighten or curl hair.

Users often love that this iron lasts for years, but your assurance is in the 12-month warranty that comes with this world-class flat iron.

The Hot Tunes Mp3 Flat Iron

Hai Hot Tunes Mp3 Styling IronWhile it may sound odd for a flat iron to be combined with an mp3 player, it is one of the main reasons many rave reviewers have purchased it. Flat-ironing hair takes one – sometimes two- hours. This is a tedious process, but of course the smooth, straight locks and creative styles this flat iron can give are well worth it.

The easy-to-use mp3 player holds up to two hours of music and makes hair straightening time go by quickly. The flat iron comes with a USB cable, so uploading your tunes to it is a snap. The speakers are built right into the unit and provide quality bass and treble sounds. There are volume buttons as well as seek, forward, pause, reverse and play buttons on the iron, too.

Many users even purchase the flat iron because of its incredible price, not because it plays music as well as straightens hair. Best of all, it has an on and off switch rather than a button, so you have less chance of turning the iron off accidentally.

The barrel is one-inch in diameter, and beveled edges so curling hair is as easy as straightening it. Use the same tourmaline ceramic plates as HAI’s other top rated hair tools and heats up to 400 degrees fast.

HAI Elite Nano XT Flat Iron

HAI Elite Nano XT Tourmaline Flat IronUsing HAI’s famous tourmaline and ceramic technology, this is a popular model flat iron because it is so lightweight and so consistent in delivering smooth, sleek hair with zero frizz.

The Elite Nano is one-inch in diameter and heats up when it is turned on. It has a digital temperature readout which some lovers of this product say is only compromised by the fact that when it is turned off and turned back on again it does not have a memory to set it at your favorite temperature. Still, the moisture-locking heat technology is well worth the price of this unit.

Users also rave about this being the perfect HAI flat iron for shorter hair. Use it to easily smooth out your hair’s ends in a split second and get on with your day. Best of all, if that day happens to be a busy one and you run out the door wondering if you shut off the flat iron, it already has you covered. With its auto-shut off feature, everyone who buys and uses this HAI product loves that there is never a need to run home to turn off the flat iron!

As with all of HAI’s products, it comes with a one-year warranty. The temperature read out is large and easy to see, so you always know your heat setting is just right for you. The Nano goes up to 390 degrees in under six seconds.

HAI is the industry leader in flat-iron technology. All of their products are trusted and loved by users everywhere. Pick the one that works for you and get the best hairstyles ever with HAI’s top reviewed models of flat irons.