Solia flat irons are some of the most beautiful and desirable on the market today, it is no wonder they are in such high demand. They also include some of the most important features that are desired in a flat iron.

Where some flat irons have become stuck in the stone age, Solia has continued to advance their line of hair care products. Recently they unveiled their line of flat irons that included Tourmaline technology and Dynamic Alignment systems. While that new technology has made hair care easier, it may have confused buyers. We want to make sure you get the best flat iron for your cash, so have included our thoughts with these Solia flat iron reviews. Take a quick look at three of their most impressive models!

Solia Professional Ceramic Ion 1 inch Flat Iron

solia-tourmaline-ceramic-ion-flat-iron-one-inch-plus-heat-proof-pouchWithout a doubt, this is one of the flat irons that every woman should have in her home. This is a beautifully balanced flat iron that is especially designed for those of us with short and thin hair. It has an incredible temperature variance that really allows for a custom, individual experience. How many times have you had a flat iron that could only work at a few temperature settings, and not one worked with your type of hair. With the Solia Professional Ceramic Ion 1 inch Flat Iron, you are in control of the temperature, and can customize it just for you. No more time left worrying that you will burn or damage your hair.

This 1 inch flat iron is also designed with the new Tourmaline technology. You are guaranteed smooth, silky hair in less time then it would take you with any other flat iron. Unlike so many other irons on the market you no longer have to sacrifice your time for a beautiful look. The Dynamic Alignment System that was introduced for frizz free hair will leave you smiling in the morning. In addition to what it has going on in the interior, the exterior was designed for efficient and carefree handling.

I have to admit something to all of you, I hate to blow dry my hair! It takes up way to much of my time and damages it more than it needs. This unit allows me to keep the blow dryer in the cabinet and go straight to styling. The unique design allows it to be used on wet or towel dried hair. I wish I could tell you this is the perfect flat iron for everyone, but sadly it is not. If you have really long or thick hair, the plates are going to be too small for you. Don’t fret too much, because Solia has thought about everyone in their marketing plan!

Solia Professional Ceramic Ion 1-3/4 inch Flat Iron

Once again Solia is on your side, with trying to help you save some precious time. This unit is infused with Tourmaline technology, allowing you a beautiful style without having to spend hours. The unit features a quick heating element, allowing you to style even on those days that you wake up late! The tourmaline allows you to work on your hair, even when it is damp. This is perfect for you ladies who are trying to keep the blow dryers as far away from your hair as possible.

If you want to have healthy looking hair, without the hassles of frizz, this Solia flat iron is up to the task. In fact, it is capable of giving you frizz free hair for up to five days! I think I would have sold my soul to the Devil in the past for that feature! Thankfully the Solia Ceramic flat iron is a much cheaper alternative. This unit is perfect for longer hair, and can’t quite handle giving you mega curls or waves.

Solia Pink Limited Edition 1 inch Flat Iron

Solia PinkWho doesn’t love to have a little more color in their bathrooms, especially if it is a little more girly? This is perhaps one of my favorite Solia flat irons, due in part to the color. It is the perfect companion for curling, straightening and twisting shorter hair.

One of the features that really stands out on this model is the variable temperature control. There are very few flat irons that have implemented this feature, putting Solia out on the forefront in beauty products once again! The ceramic plates have been designed to give you the perfect amount of heat distribution. You will have a satisfying style, without the constant fear of damaging or burning your hair.

Like so many of the other Solia products, this one is designed to save you a lot of time styling. A word of warning to our readers in other parts of the world, this beauty features a non convertible current setting. If you are in the United States or Canada, you are free to create beautiful styles. If you are outside that region or traveling this Solia may not be the model for you.

We hope that our Solia flat iron reviews will help you make a more informed decision when you go to make you final purchase. These are our top three recommendations however, Solia has a full line available for every hair type and style. They are all high quality products that are more worth their price in gold, when you are trying to find that perfect style.

We would love to know how you found the Solia brand, and if you have a favorite model. Feel free to let us know in the comments below.